jeffMy name is Jeff Culbert and I would love to help make your wedding perfect.

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! It’s a very exciting time for you, but with that excitement comes some big decisions regarding your special day.

As a civil marriage celebrant, based within Newcastle, I am here to help make your day be memorable and run smoothly.

In considering your choice of celebrant, you are no doubt asking a lot of questions.

What type of wedding do we want?

Do we want a formal type ceremony or do we choose a more relaxed wedding?

What will make our day special for us?

There are so many questions!

I am here to help make your planning a whole lot easier.

I can tailor-make ceremonies that will suit you and your partner, family and friends.

We can work together to include vows that truly mean something special. I can help guide you to some poetry or readings to be read by a family member or friend so that the day can incorporate those closest to you. We can compliment the day with that meaningful song to provide the perfect soundtrack to your day. Or perhaps there is a certain type of wedding ritual that will¬†create the most amazing day…

I am here to help create the ceremony for the wedding that you have always been imagining… I can help make that dream come true for you both.

Just imagine…

While I am based in Newcastle, Australia, I am willing to travel to the location of your ceremony throughout Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast, and beyond. So please get in touch, and let’s work together to create your day.

"Lurve" by srslyguys / Justin.

Lurve” by srslyguys / Justin used under CC.